Dreamweaver Intermediate 156CLL

Index to home work in week commencing 2 February

File / link Item
Form Simple form using the 'Get' method, with a remotely accessed CGI 'hit counter'.
Catcher A blank for referenced by the action attribute. To better show the sent by the form on submit.
Test Form A simple but fuller form which uses the 'Get' method to the dummy 'catcher' page.
Test CGI A simple form which includes the remotely accessed hit counter and a response form (receiveAddr.pl) written in Perl. This form uses the 'Post' Method.
Perl Script This will download the script file. Depending on how your computer is configured your computer may try to run the script. The extension is .pl and it may be readily viewed in any text editor such as notepad.
Returned HTML This is an example of the html code returned by the script. Newline characters (\n) were added to each line of Perl code to achieve this formatting.
e-mail list Subscribe and unsubscribe to a remotely hosted e-mail list at Server.com
CGI Report Report on scripting the CGI interface including the usage of free remotely hosted CGI scripts.

Forms, form processing, CGI scripts and remote CGI scripts.

Forms: action, method, enctype, target, form elements. Form Processing server and client side scripts.

Investigation into CGI script, and example for a form based html document using a remote CGI script.

A short report about CGI scripts.

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