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Annual General Meetings of RRARA

The last AGM was held on the 24th of November 2003. Other than the election of committee and officers, the approval of accounts and the approval of the annual report the primary discussion were concerned with bonfires on the allotments at the rear of Rochester Road and Beechwood Avenue, a proposal to demolish Church House in Palmerston Road and to build apartments and the cost of running the annual garage sale. It was agreed by the meeting that in consideration of the work being done by Earlsdon Conservation and Development (ECAD) that a donation o £100 should be made to their funds to assist in their running costs.

After a short break, when refreshments were served, the meeting was addressed by Karen Williams, Carol Allcock and Gwen Nodder of ECAD.

Also as our guests Councilor Ken Taylor, PC Keith Himmons and APS (Acting Police Sergeant) Neil Kirkpatrick attended the meeting.

Draft minutes have been prepared and will be available on this site once they have agreed by the committee.

Annual reports and minutes from earlier are available via the links bellow: