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Current Issues

Allotment Bonfires

We have agreed with the two allotment societies that their committees will decide when and where bonfires will be burnt providing always that any bonfire is under the direct control of a member of their committee.

We understand from this that burnings will only happen about six times a year and only when the weather and wind direction are appropriate - sudden changes in wind direction excepted.

We would greatly appreciate reports of any nuisances that are caused by bonfires on the allotments and preferably while the fire is still burning and the actual nuisance is on going. Contact Jim Brannigan on 7669 1196. We hope to be able to nip problems in the bud.


We are currently perusing issues with British Telecom and Rail Track regarding equipment cabinets and the footbridge in Beachwood Avenue. more...

Neighbourhood Watch

This is a move to get active Neighbourhood Watch schemes running in all parts of the our area

Redevelopment in Warwick Street


Proposed Wine Bar (Mono / Pilot)


Liaison with ECAD


Website Upgrade


Allocation of Council Funds